Guarantee Management for Companies

A sufficient free guarantee limit has become increasingly important for companies in recent years. Particularly, when a company is in crisis, the guarantee limit is often exploited to the full.

Old and flawed guarantees are often not surrendered, as this often incurs additional costs which the company cannot afford (e.g. Remedy of Defects). Instead, available resources are only used where fast returns are considered most probable.

This has significant negative effects on the development of the company, as the acceptance of new contracts almost always requires the establishment of a new guarantee.

Here, a guarantee manager may take the approach of adjusting the portfolio of existing guarantees by retrieving old, flawed guarantees at relatively low costs. If necessary, all open guarantees will be catalogued and attributed to the individual projects. Existing subcontractor guarantees are recorded and attributed to the main guarantees. 


Advantages for the Company:

  • Frees up guarantee capacity, without the need for an increase in the credit line
  • Performance based fee – no fix costs
  • Able to be carried out separately from other streamlining/ reorganization measures
  • Reduction of guarantee risk
  • No increase in credit line is necessary for the continued operation of the company
  • The implementation of a "Guarantee Management Control System" eliminates problems which may arise in the future